About us

At our Church

Revd. Linda (Senior Pastor/EBA moderator)

SAM 0072

Former Occupations

Psychiatric Nurse

Care home manager

Senior manager for NWMHT

Moderator for EBA

Has been involved in church service  all of Forty years , and has been active participants in various missions, both home and abroad.

On the 25th April 2013 when Linda was approved by the Baptist Association (East Anglia)

as the minister for Cornerstone Baptist Church, Her ordination and induction on 10th August 2014 was a great day of celebration. And is now Moderator for the Eastern Region

Rev. Linda is also a  Presenter on Faithful Radio

Pastor Lynne and Rob Connell

Pastor Lynne  have been involved in Church life for many many years. Pastor Lynne having grown up in the Baptist Church and trained to be both a Preacher and a Pastor. She then was led by God, and moved to be involved in Ecumenical Projects and church plants in Islington and Essex, she has worked with the Church of England and URC churches as well as occasional work with the Roman Catholic Churches.

Together they have run Children’s clubs and holiday clubs in Islington, London and in Essex.

Lynne is our church secretary and also helps Rev LInda with pastoral work.

Rob is a retired Prison Officer and wih Pastor Lynne worked for many years in Local Government.

Rob came to the Lord in 1983 at a Luis Palau mission for Christ in London. He has been a church treasurer, church warden and has worked alongside Pastor Lynne since before they were married. Rob and Pastor Lynne continue Ministerial Training at Spurgeons in November 2016.

Rob has taken on the role of church treasurer.

Together they bring a wealth of experiences in working for the Lord in a varied and diverse society.

Both are now coming to the end of their training ta Spugeon College and will be soon ordained into the Cornerstne Baptist Church as ministers

Both Lynne And Rob are Presenters on Faithful Radio

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